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Westland Christian Academy admits students of any
race, color, national or ethnic origin to all school opportunities and does not discriminate on any of these factors. 
Deciding to Enroll 

 Christian education is a way of life, a full time job, and is a part of child training. Parents should fully understand the responsibility.

     1. List the reasons and convictions that your family has for selecting Christian education or homeschooling. Decide why you desire tomake this choice. Be firm with your decisions. 
    2. List the pros and cons. Be as complete as you can.
    3. List the major goals that need to be met for your family each school year. 

The patterns that you develop now in home schooling will affect your children for the rest of their lives. 
If you are organized and consistent in your home school, your children will excel. If you are scattered and inconsistent, your children will fail.

If it is your intention to return to a public high school, always verify the school will accept prior credits. 
Grade Level Requirements

Phonics      Reading

Parents may add other subjects such as Science, 
History, ECT. The kindergarten program that you 
choose should be very strong in Phonics and Reading. 
A student will not be allowed to advance from kindergarten 
until they are able to read. 

1st- 2nd Grades 

3rd - 6th Grades 

7th -8th Grades 
History/Social Studies 
The classes listed are mandatory for all students and will automatically be listed on each report card. Parents may add any additional classes they desire.
Integrity Agreement
Homeschool Program

Westland Christian Academy is built solely upon Biblical standards. Our program functions upon a high moral fabric. 
Each member must willingly comply and abide by the rules and laws laid for the operation and functionality of the organization. 

Failure to comply with the Principles of Integrity will result in removal from the program. 

The five principles of Integrity 

1. Honesty
It is the duty of the parent to set the example of honesty and truthfulness. At no time is the student allowed access to; score keys, record keeping information, or academic correspondences. 

2. Structure
It is imperative that the parent set up and abide by a distinct routine for their Homeschool. Specific start and stop times must be actively upheld. Daily assignments are given, work is submitted and work is graded. A concrete schedule is to be maintained. 
At no time are books to be turned in partially done, containing frivolous or nonsensical answers, or simply "filled out".   

3. Steadiness 
Consistency and stability must be paramount for every student. There must be a sense of peace and harmony in the Homeschool. Distractions must be kept to a minimum. 

4. Honoring Financial Obligation
The financial obligations of the Homeschool are to be paid in full and on time. 

5. Responsibility
Homeschooling is the undertaking of the parents. 
It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child/children abide by the rules set forth in the WCA manual. 

 A note on integrity:

We know that each parent has the student at the center of their drive to Homeschool. Thoughtful of this; we discern that cheating, improper scoring, lack of attention, and violation of the Integrity Agreement is inconceivable. If, however, there are cases that arise the following action will be taken:

1.The administrator will review the family history, submitted work, and all documentation associated with the family. 
2.If there is found to be a gross infraction, the family will be contacted and the violations discussed. 
3.The final step is dismissal from the program. If you wish to contest the removal, you must do so in writing within two weeks of your dismissal. Your petition will be reviewed and you will be contacted. 

Each parent must sign and abide by these principles.
If a family is found to be in defiance of these principles, they will be removed from our program.
Westland Christian Academy is a private organization. It is a ministry of Full Gospel Temple. 
If it is your intention to return to a public high school, always verify the school will take home school credits. 
High School Diplomas
To maintain high standards and credibility, our program requires high school credits to be verified. The curriculum used must be approved and at a published high school level. The parent must provide WCA with all of the completed daily work, tests, lab reports, ECT associated with the credit. 
All high school students must complete, at the very least, two full years with our program. High school credits completed without our program, must comply with our verification policy in order to receive validation and be counted toward graduation. A fee will be charged for the validation.

Student must complete:

1. High School State Testing 

2. 4 English/ Language Arts Credits
(American Literature/English I, II, and III/College Writing)

3. 4 Science Credits 
(Biology/Chemistry/Physical Science/+1)

4. 4 Mathematics Credits 
(Algebra I/Algebra II/Geometry/+1)

5. 4 History/Social Studies Credits
( U.S. Civics/World Geography/World History/Economics/Michigan History/U.S. History and Geography)

6. 7+ Electives Credits 
(Senior Workshop/Bible/Foreign Language)

Special Education Certificate
Certificate will be notated as Special Education.

Student must have current testing and an active IEP.

Class Types
Individual Instruction
Self Study 
Study Abroad  
​Tuition amount differs for each program. 
Tuition is paid August 1st  - May 1st . Tuition is due (in full) the 1st of each month. 
Full tuition for each month is mandatory regardless of days attended.  
Contact us for details.