Our premier homeschool group offers assistance to parents, structure, accountability, scholastic record keeping, limitless opportunity for advancement, a pristine reputation with colleges and universities, quarterly report cards, high school transcripts, a diploma that exceeds state standards, tutoring, mentoring,and so much more!     
Learning Center

With individual instruction, custom lesson planning and yearly plotting, students feel free to learn in an environment that is welcoming not become carbon copies of classroom peers. Our full day Learning Center is setup for student success. Students participate in Monday/Wednesday classes and have three Learning Center days where they build weak areas, build upon strengthens, and work toward advancement. Students also have daily devotions, fun activities, unit studies, and skill building programs.
Virtual Academy

3rd grade - 12th grade can take advantage of our virtual classroom. All academics are completed and submitted online. Virtual real-time or in person tutoring is available. Grading and record keeping are done by WCA staff. All Bible based curricula is used. 
Monday/Wednesday Classes

From Reading Readiness to Algebra II and beyond, our Monday/Wednesday classes offer students instruction, peer interaction, communication skills, lab time, college readiness, and hands-on learning. Classes run for 15 weeks twice yearly. The students also enjoy fun extras like Bible drills, hot lunch, and holiday activities. 
If you are looking for a Biblical education for your child/children, look no further. We have a program to fit your needs!
Customized Education That Perfectly Fits Each Student
High School With College Enrollment

Our high school students have the opportunity to take college classes while completing high school. There are particulars to this program; contact us for more information. 
William D. Ford Career Technical Center

WCA students in 11th and 12th grades can take career focused classes through the William D. Ford Career Technical Center. There are particulars to this program; contact us for more information. 
No student is locked into only one of our program offerings. Each student learns differently, and our program reflects this. Parents/staff will discuss all of the different possibilities to ensure a successful year for each student!