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Parents are the ones ordained by God to raise their children. Parents are to provide food, clothing and shelter for their children. They also bestow spiritual guidance, correction, and love to their offspring. Yet, the commands from our heavenly Father do not stop there as far as raising children. Parents are the ones responsible to provide education, both academically and spiritual.

  Parents may choose an alternate source to assist them in the educational areas for their children such as a Christian school. Yet, the parents should not relinquish their God given rights to another entity. Some important thoughts should be, “Whose values will my child be influenced by?” 

  The best teacher is the parent, and the most important place to learn in is the family and the home environment. Children may be free to learn in an environment that is welcoming and not be a carbon copy of a classroom full of peers. Under their parents teaching, many things may become a learning environment, and education does not have to stop at a set time each day.
Westland Christian Academy is a remarkable program. Founded in 1984, WCA has the advantage of a long and successful history. We have earned a reputation for high standards and solid academics. Hundreds of students have graduated from our program and have gone on to colleges, universities, military service, pastoral ministries, or careers. We are proud of their success as well as the quality of our program. 

​ Westland Christian Academy began as a burden in the heart of Mrs. Carol Enersen. She was a homeschool mom and found limited resources to aid her. It was Mrs. Enersen’s desire to support, guide, and assist homeschool families. From this one woman’s longing to help families, Westland Christian Academy has blossomed into a full scale academic power house! We meet every educational need; from our full day learning center, to our premier home school group, we strive to soar above the rest. If you are looking for a solid Biblical education for your child/children, look no further. Rest assured we have a program to fit your needs! Come see what all the talk is about! 
Some of the benefits of Homeschooling

1. Tailor learning for your student

2. Accommodate different styles of learning

3. One on one time with your student, individual attention

4. Firsthand knowledge of weak areas in need of strengthening

5. Mastery learning

6. In-depth learning

7. Ability to create a personal schedule

8. Moral training

9. Safe environment 

10. Instill sound morals

11. Effective erudition 

12. Stellar study skills

13. Nurturing environment 

14. Possibility for limitless advancement

15. Life skills
Why Westland Christian Academy?

1. Sample curriculum with expert guidance in selection

2. Proven program to keep you organized

3. Meticulous record keeping/Official academic records

4. Transcripts for high school students

5. Report cards four times each school year

6. Comfort of accountability and structure

7. Teachers and mentors in all subject areas for tutoring 

8. Onsite classes

9. Field Day/Family Picnic each May

10. Senior graduation each June; cap and gown ceremony

11. Experienced Homeschool parent mentors

12. William D. Ford Career Center available to 11/12th grade
13. Virtual classes

14. Yearly dissections, experiments, and lab time

15. High standards
Our purpose is to assist parents in the education of their children.

It is never too late to finish your high school diploma! It does not matter if you need all or just a few credits; we offer all high school courses. Our adult education students are entitled to many of the services we offer our homeschool families. Life is busy so our program works around your busy life. Finish your diploma completely online! We offer tutoring, extended hours, and on-line help. Give us a call today and start working toward your childhood dream!  

Michigan Compiled Laws
Revised School Code
MCL 380.1561
"Michigan parents have the right to home school their children. The law requires a parent or legal guardian of a child from the age of six to sixteen to send his or her child to school during the entire school year... (MCL 380.1561). The exceptions include, but are not limited to, sending a child to a state-approved nonpublic school or educating a child at home in an organized educational program. Home school education is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. The parent assigns homework, gives tests and grades these tests. The issuance of report cards, transcripts, and diplomas are the responsibility of the home school family (based on internal standards). If home schooling continues through grade 12, the parent issues a high school diploma to the graduate. Parents are encouraged to maintain student records of progress throughout the year. "

Some parents choose to enroll in a homeschool program to assist them in the organization of their homeschool.

Two of the largest concerns homeschool parents have:

1) Will my student suffer any negative social issues?

WCA answers this question right on the head. Our students are provided many outlets to interact with peers, work in groups, mentor others, express themselves freely, and develop solid social skills. Moreover, statistically, homeschool students develop strong personal identity and are strong leaders. Our students are provided many outlets to interact with peers, work in groups, mentor others, express themselves freely, and develop solid social skills. Moreover, statistically, homeschool students develop strong personal identity and are strong leaders later in life. 

2) Will my student meet public school students in aptitude and testing?

 WCA students, as well as homeschool in general, score well above national standards. WCA does offer different testing for our students .